Dota 2 Give Away

Hello all.

I know it’s been quite a while since I posted something. I’m getting loads of work in college, but I’m about to finish another tutorial circuit (LM335, ATMega328p and 2 7 Segment displays) and post it here. In the meantime, a little competition gift:

Dota 2 Logo

I’ll offer a Dota 2 beta access invite to the first comments bellow. Just say your e-mail or steam accont.

Comment on!

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3 Responses to Dota 2 Give Away

  1. pronnee says:

    Really d love a key bro <3

  2. Pardal says:

    Well, since there were no active participations, I’ll do it by first come, first get basis. The participation still needs to have a circuit idea, though. Good luck!

  3. Pardal says:

    pronnee, do you still want that invite?

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