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Arduino Temperature Sensor with LCD (Updated with source code!)

Hey all! Sorry for the long delay, but once again, I’ve been really really busy. This project is all about Arduino! What we’ll be trying to do is to take an Arduino with the LiquidCrystal library, and connect a 16×2 … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Using an Arduino to program AVR’s III – Use It

Alright! So now we have our circuit ready for testing! The first step is to check which port we’re using to “talk” with our Arduino. It shouldn’t be difficult, since we already uploaded a sketch to it. Just open the … Continue reading

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Hello world! / Blink Led

First of all, welcome to my blog. I’m a Portuguese engineering student, taking my Master’s degree on electronic and telecommunication. As such, my English might be a little off, but I shall try my best. This blog is going to … Continue reading

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