ATMega328p and 7 Segment Display II: Source Code

Here we go for that awesome display circuit!

diplay photo

Not so awesome looking now, is it?

So, after you get all that assembled (hopefully you got it a little tiny bit more organized than me), it’s time for some flashing magic. You can get the source or the hex. Go ahead and flash it to your ATMega328p.

photo of the circuit

Mess of wires.

After that is done, just plug your AC adapter to the power circuit part, and see it shine. You can see the expected end result bellow. Now, be aware that this source only counts to 15, and it isn’t ticking by the second, although you can change the source to whatever you want. The idea behind this is that we can now slightly change this circuit to read temperatures from a analog thermometer!

Watch bellow for the end result.


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