Live Earth Wallpaper on Linux

Hey all! Sorry for the long time, but I’ve been busy with college, and finals.

It’s time for a different post! This time, we’ll be setting our wallpaper as a self-updating (with cron table) “live” Earth picture, just like bellow:

Earth wallpaper picture

Earth wallpaper

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New hardware to play with: TI Stellaris LaunchPad

Hey there,

Just popping in to share what arrived via DHL this last Thursday:

Photo of Stellaris LaunchPad.

A brand new $5 TI Stellaris LaunchPad.

After a while installing all the software and drivers on Windows (haven’t tested Linux yet, but it is officially supported) and testing the most basic functions and pre-made code, it looks very promising. Let’s see what i’ll make of it!

See you later!

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ATMega328p and 7 Segment Display II: Source Code

Here we go for that awesome display circuit!

diplay photo

Not so awesome looking now, is it?

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ATMega328p and 7 Segment Display I: Parts and schematic


For our next project, we’ll be using an ATMega328p and two 7 segment displays to implement a decimal counter. This can be useful if we want to implement a project that gives visual feedback to the user, like a thermometer (our next project).

To implement this, we’re going to rely on the POV phenomenon (Persistence Of Vision) to decrease the number of pins used by the displays to 9: 7 to the “bus”, that tells both displays what segments to lit, and 1 to each display common, to select which one displays each number.

Hardware list:

1 – AC/DC Adapter or some kind of DC PSU (not pictured)
2 – Breadboard
3 – L7805CV (bottom left) – Optional
4 – 150 ohm resistor for the power led – Optional
5 – The trusty ATMega328p – You can use an ATTiny2313A with few source changes.
6 – 28 pin socket (bottom right)
7 – 7*100 ohm resistor for each display segment – Optional, but recommended
8 – 2*Common Cathode Hex display – Again, you can use common anode with just a few source changes.

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Dota 2 Give Away

Hello all.

I know it’s been quite a while since I posted something. I’m getting loads of work in college, but I’m about to finish another tutorial circuit (LM335, ATMega328p and 2 7 Segment displays) and post it here. In the meantime, a little competition gift:

Dota 2 Logo

I’ll offer a Dota 2 beta access invite to the first comments bellow. Just say your e-mail or steam accont.

Comment on!

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